Steven’s favorite team is the NEW YORK YANKEES, he had several favorites…Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, but his overall favorite Yankee is Hideki Matsui (#55). In 2010 Hideki Matsui was traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim..& I will always remember Steven asking me if I was O.K. for him to cheer for Hideki Matsui now that he was no longer a Yankee.

I told him that of course it’s ok, that he would always be a Matsui fan. When I asked him once why Hideki Matsui was his favorite player, his response plain and simply was that he played the game the way you should play which was all out. ..This was coming from a 9 year old who always gave his all when he played baseball & would be very hard on himself when he did not live up to STEVEN’S standards.

The one thing Steven would never do is get mad at his teammates, only at himself…his teammates would sometime look to Steven for help in the game.

He was always in a rush to play the game he loved, if he had a game at 6:00 P.m. he would be ready by 3:30 PM & waiting outside on the steps to leave for the game in full uniform rearing to go.

Maybe, he know his time was limited? We will never know , but we can carry out his dream of being involved in Baseball through his foundation while helping support other children as well……Just what Steven would want.

We Know Steven is looking down and smiling on his foundation, and all of the children he will be helping to play the game he loved, and truly lived for.